Full Container Load 

Our company supplies 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC containers direct from our production warehouse, across the globe.


Our catalogue boasts over 3000 products with new products added regularly.

Over the years we have gained valuable knowledge through trial and error whilst running our own successful retail brand in South Africa. We reside in Indonesia and visit our manufacturing warehouses on a day-to-day basis which allows us to custom manufacture, source antiques and co-ordinate the shipping of your goods under one roof.

Each shipment is managed by our staff who will update you regularly. We will handle all of the logistics in Indonesia which include but is not limited to:


- collection, corrugated wrapping and container stuffing

- government inspection, certification and fumigation

- packing list and shipping documents

We provide high-definition stock photography as well as detailed product specifications prior to the container leaving Indonesia.

Products are manufactured under our supervision and guidance using locally sourced and sustainable materials where possible. Clients can order from our wholesale catalogue or supply us with their own designs. 

Manufacturing can take between four to eight weeks depending on what is ordered. Shipping can take between four to six weeks to most parts of the world.

Once you have browsed through our catalogue and would like to proceed with ordering, open our order sheet and select the category tab for the various products such as chairs, pendants etc. Scroll through the category and select the quantity of each product you would like.


The subtotal and volume for each category will appear at the bottom of the category page. The last tab on the order form labelled "summary" is designed to work out the volume and ex-factory cost of your order.

Once you have completed your order you can compare the volume of your order to container volumes on the shipping tab. Due to the irregular sizing of our products, the volume calculated is theoretical. Once your order is sent back to us, we will re-calculate the volume and let you know if you can add more stock to fill the container to capacity.

The price displayed on our catalogue excludes shipping, import duties and local taxes in your own country.  

Please contact us by email to request a wholesale application.

Lola Casey and Jodi Lawrence

8 Degrees South Export

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