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Umbrella stand

R3 450.00
In stock
Product Details
Origin: Bali
Material: Riverstone

Size: 40cm high x 24cm wide x 27cm depth

Riverstone, also known as river stone or river rock, is a type of smooth, rounded stone that is typically found in riverbeds, streams, and waterways. In Bali, riverstone is sourced from the island's rivers and watercourses. The island's unique geography, which includes numerous rivers and water bodies, provides an ample supply of riverstone. These stones are naturally tumbled and smoothed by the flow of water over time, giving them their distinctive, polished appearance.

Riverstone from Bali is often used for various decorative and landscaping purposes, including in garden designs, as pathway stones, and in architectural elements. The island's natural beauty and abundant waterways make it a suitable location for harvesting these natural, smooth stones

This product has already been manufactured, securely packed, and is on its way to Cape Town. You can start purchasing this product now, and we expect the container to arrive in November 2023.
Crafted with care, each of our products is a unique masterpiece, handcrafted for authenticity and quality. Utilizing natural materials like wood, Rattan, and plant elements, we embrace the beauty of raw and treated components. It's important to note that our artisanal approach ensures no two pieces are alike, celebrating the charm in variations of color and texture. Please keep in mind that natural materials respond to their environment, which might lead to minor cracks or splits due to changes in temperature and humidity. These occurrences, a part of the maturation process, do not indicate defects.
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