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Watergrass Wall Art 45 (88cm)

R1 667.50
In stock
Product Details
Origin: Bali
Material: Water Hyacinth

Size: 88cm high x 60cm wide x 2cm depth

This product has already been manufactured, securely packed, and is on its way to Cape Town. You can start purchasing this product now, and we expect the container to arrive in November 2023.

Water hyacinth, known as "Eceng Gondok" in Indonesian, is a free-floating aquatic plant that can be found in various water bodies across Indonesia, particularly in its many rivers, lakes, and wetlands. The plant is native to South America but has become widespread in Indonesia and other tropical regions.

In the context of manufacturing products, water hyacinth is typically used for its natural fibers, which are extracted from the plant's stems and leaves. These fibers are dried and then woven into various items such as furniture, baskets, and home decor.
The water hyacinth plant in Indonesia, like in other parts of the world, is considered an invasive species due to its rapid growth and ability to clog waterways. However, its use in crafts and furniture production has provided an environmentally friendly way to control its spread and generate income for local communities. When harvested responsibly, water hyacinth can be a sustainable and renewable material for crafting a variety of products, showcasing its versatility and potential as a natural resource.

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